Friday, March 16, 2007

Setting up for Production

Things are swinging into production now. Two sites have gone live in 'Test Mode' - once I'm happy all the bugs are gone I'll push them into production and see how it all goes. Here's hoping.

I started to play around with the FreeRADIUS rlm_perl module to see about modifying radius requests/replies before they hit the database. Main reason is to swap those bloody Colubris accounting values. I must be getting good at this Perl stuff because it was stupidly easy. Now I have a single perl script sitting in radius land that shuffles data around - so many possibilities have opened up with this level of control.

Curtin is still a ongoing interest. Agreements have been signed and supposedly the project should be in full swing. And so it should be, they have specified a end of April deadline. However I haven't even received equipment, nor has it even been ordered. Something about leasing it or something - I don't care because if they want me to finish the preparation before I leave then I'll need to see something next week at the latest.

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