Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A change in career

Today I gave notice at AccessPlus. I have accepted a position as systems administrator at the Australia Zoo beginning the 5th of April.

My primary role will be administrating two web servers located in a datacentre in the US and looking after the local e-mail services. I will also assist in desktop support.

Still yet to put detail into my initial plans for the new job but I have some lofty goals in mind for the current environment. I'm hoping my responsibilities will expand into the netadmin side of things, it's only natural for me to pursue my comfort zone no?

As a result of this move I have lost my webhosting capability at AccessPlus. Thus I have set up a Google Applications Account and shifted my domain over - so now www/mail/blog/docs/start.naturalnetworks.net all point to one google app or another. I'll be using this as a kind of fancy wiki - documenting my knowledge and publishing articles. Still need a place to store downloads though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good gig, couldn't really picture you out there grooming animals or anything.

Good luck with the google apps changeover, so much easier than putting together your own mailserver.. not sure if google.life is coming out.. but I'll email you if I hear anything :-)

Limited amount of semi-trainable users to support.. lucky stiff :-)