Thursday, March 01, 2007

Revised Hotspot Interface

Things have come a long way since I started to develop my own hotspot backend. It now has PayPal and Subscriber support. The administration backend was written by another lad but essentially that's just a PHP interface to the database. I few extra scripts such as the PayPal IPN receiver and a subscriber account scrubber cron job runs in the background.

The interface supports Mikrotik RouterOS and the Colubris MSC series. It's not difficult to add different Access Controller types. Once again I will be looking at making the Access Controller stuff modular to make additions easier.

At some stage I will write in my own administration interface. Its a fairly large task in its own right when you consider that I have to support multiple locations with their own pricing plans with various pricing items. Throw in all the user management and invoicing/revenue sharing among locations and its a complicated task that requires a fair bit of thought.

I'm definitely getting better at coding in Perl at least. I still have a fair bit to learn about more advanced aspects of the language such as Object Oriented Programing (OOP) and package/module writing, probably best to start on the packages/modules first.


Anonymous said...

OH BOY, I've gotta have it. This is exactly what we've been looking for. I think. Do you have it ported to Windows?? Specifically XP Pro? Also, will it use MikroTik's DHCP and queues??? If so, I do believe we want to buy it or try it or....... (No need to worry about competition, we have no interest in tackling Australia!

Please email me either way, because we've been looking for this software for months. Tried Antamedia,...crap, tried patronsoft firstspot, won't integrate to MT. I could very quickly make you a chunk of change on this software as I know numerous MT admins in the US who are looking for something similar.

Please email me asap about this.

Cheers, and good on ya!(My pal from Australia used to say that)

Anonymous said...

Excellant interface I use freeradius and mikrotik and have been looking for something like this for a while know.
how do i get hold of it.
please email me at tech at y-internet dot com

Anonymous said...

How would one download your user interface to run a internet hotspot in Portland, Oregon USA?

Anonymous said... if posible to send me this

Anonymous said...

pls email , looking to use this if possible , cheers

Donna H said...

Hello, thanks for posting this