Sunday, September 17, 2006

Various updates

Quick run down on what's happening.

Mudjimba Caravan park installation is progressing slowly. Mainly because it is tied up with some silly in building cabling requirement. So the AP won't be installed until the cabling has been done. The AP will be the actual Hotspot/WRAP2 one so the hotspot service will be available throughout most of the Mudjimba beach area. The Caravan park will be using a Netgear WG102 AP set to WDS repeater.

Colubris have been in contact with me regarding the non-standard use of radius attribute values. I've provided them with comparisons with Cisco products etc - they still want more details such as packet captures :/ Odd how I'm expected to prove to them that they're off standard, I'M THE ONE PAYING FOR THE PRODUCT.

Soon I will possess a few newer ThinLinx devices that are considerably less buggy than these test units we currently have. So I will be posting a mini-review on those soon.

Paul from Yawarra has informed me that he's getting closer to having a few functional Commell LE-564 and LE-565 Embedded Industrial i386 platforms to sell to the Australian market. I will be using them as PPPoE Access Concentrator for in-building subscriber networks. Also I will use them as mini-servers to host AAA services to these buildings - so it will be a turn key package, I hope.

Maybe one day I won't need a central backend service - just have many little ones distributed across multiple sites. The backend will simply turn into a monitoring and administration thing. Have to figgure out the best way to get FreeBSD operating well on these little devices and self update from a central package repository. Shouldn't be too difficult.

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