Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mooloolaba Beach WiFi

Completed the installation of the fourth Maroochy Hotspot site. Located at the Mooloolaba Beach caravan park it provides coverage to a large chunk of what is one of Australia's favourite tourist destinations. Google Maps link

Installation is the same as the others, however it receives its backhaul signal from us via a repeater located on top of the Raffles Resort Hotel just east of its location. Not the best situation to be in as I hate relying upon untrusted third parties for a mission critical feed. However the alternatives are limited - to run a phone line would be next to impossible and setting up a repeater point elsewhere would take time and money.

Now we have reasonable Hotspot coverage of the Mooloolaba/Maroochydore beach front. We also cover a large part of the northern Coolum beach frontage.

Mudjimba Caravan Park is still pending installation. We are talking with the owners of a few residential blocks nearby - we might be able to gain a feed from one of these locations into the park.

I have also updated the software versions running on the Mikrotik routers - they're now running 2.9.28. This new version introduces a new licensing scheme where the update period is now version based, not time based. Meaning that I can continue updating the routers up to the end of RouterOS v3 which could be 10 years from now. The old method was that you had 1 or 3 years to do updates.

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Caravan Repairs said...

If this is true, then we will be able to have internet signal while having fun at the Mooloolaba Beach caravan park.