Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coolum Beach Caravan Park WiFi

I can safely say that the Maroochy Council Coolum Beach Caravan Park now has wireless Internet access. Making a total of four Maroochy Parks enabled, two more to go.

The install was a bit involved as it required a separate Internet feed. We brought ADSL in to a phone point near the intended Hotspot location, set it up with a router and Access Point which transmits it to the actual Hotspot router located on the roof of a nearby building (the high point of the site). The DSL router and Access Point are located on the outside of a demountable building in a weather proof enclosure.

This saves everyone the hassle of digging trenches and running conduit and cables.

The equipment used is as follows:
Netgear DG834 ADSL Modem/Router
Senao NL-2611CB3 PLUS (Deluxe) Access Point w/5dBi antenna
WRAP2 w/8dBi planar directional and 10dBi Waveguide omni-directional antennas

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