Monday, August 06, 2007

Mirroring a Plesk vhost script

The following script will mirror a vhost from a Plesk managed server. It is up to you to modify the Apache vhost configuration includes (usually there's one created by Plesk in /etc/httpd/conf.d or the like).

# RSYNC/SED script to mirror a Plesk host
# 2007­08­01 Ben Johns

# Requirements:
# SSH Pub/Priv keys shared on both hosts
# ssh­keygen ­-t dsa ­-b 1024 ­-f `whoami`-­`hostname` (NO PASSPHRASE!)
# copy the resultant .pub file to the remote host and append it too
# the RSYNC_USER's .ssh/authorized_keys file.

# RSYNC Version >2.6.3
# HTTPD.INCLUDE needs to be manually configured to suit the config
# of the local host. Ie copy the relevant sections from the remote hosts
# plesk httpd conf to this host. Usually done somewhere in /etc/httpd or /etc/apache.

# REM_HOST: The remote host to mirror
# RSYNC_USER: The user account on the remote host that has permission
# to copy the intended files.
# RSYNC_OPTS: Parameters to use with the rsync command
# SSH_KEY: The private DSA key to use for SSH authentication
# RSYNC_VHOST_SRC_PATH: Path to the source virtual host files on the remote host
# RSYNC_VHOST_SRC_DIR: Directory of the source virtual host files on the remote host
# RSYNC_VHOST_DST_PATH: Path to the destination on the local host
# SED_VHOST_MOD_FILE: Location of the SED parameters to modify VHOST config files

RSYNC_OPTS="-­­avz ­­--perms ­-q ­­--delete­during"

rsync ­$RSYNC_OPTS \
rsync ­$RSYNC_OPTS ­­--include "*/" ­­--include "*.include" ­­--exclude "*" \
-­e "ssh ­-i $SSH_KEY ­-l $RSYNC_USER" \

for file in $RSYNC_VHOST_DST_PATH$RSYNC_VHOST_SRC_DIR/conf/httpd.include ; do
sed ­-f $SED_VHOST_MOD_FILE "$file" > tmp_file
mv tmp_file "$file"
echo "Modified $file"


apache2ctl graceful

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Anonymous said...

we have one server
running plesk Control Panel (Version 8.3) and
other a Normal Apache Server.The idea is to have two Web Servers with same content and Load Balanced on Network.How to implement this Script.