Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another intense week

Today I spent the morning at the new Australia Zoo "On the Beach" shop opening. Basically making sure everything IT wise went smoothly, and that it did, until the afternoon when the main link into the Zoo decided to drop causing them to fail... that was an interesting hour.

I'm endeavoring to maintain the level of client satisfaction that I desire in the given environment. There needs to be changes made to streamline desktop support as much as possible to allow IT to concentrate on how to improve on other services such as telephony and core services. Plus there needs to be time given to proper planning and implementation with the necessary change control procedures. I guess I'm asking to be allowed to take a proactive approach to IT services.

The highlight of the week was seeing a wombat riding in a trolly/cart type thing.


Anonymous said...

Where's the "On the Beach" shop located? Its a ...A-Zoo retail store yes??

The "Need to make things work properly, over needing to expand"...Something I wish more people would allow for.

What are the chances of getting results for "wombat in a trolley" image search. ;-)

Ben said...

It's located in the arcade at the Oceans building next to the Outriggers/Mooloolaba International.

Build the foundation to expand on is my intention.