Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ubiquiti Networks SR5 400mW 802.11a Adapter

Title says it all - this is one fkn awesome adapter. Atheros chipset and lots and lots of power makes for an excellent AP/Point-to-Point setup.

We've spoken to Yawarra and we've got one on order from them, they're going to be another Australian supplier of Ubiquiti gear (currently there's only one other).

Essentially we're going to test a single SR5 based AP with two CM9 based clients using WRAP 1-1 devices on each end. We will be tossing our Proxim gear in exchange for these rigs if they test out okay, which I'm sure they will.

The normal RRP in Australia for the SR5 from Yawarra is $195.00 each inc GST. Add the $290 for the WRAP, $30 for the regulated power pack and $100 for the RouterOS license and you have a powerful AP/Router with the works for around $615.00. Quite a bit cheaper than a what is currently available which would probably only do half of what the ladder can do anyway - trust me we've used quite a few different systems: Wi-LAN, Redline, Proxim, Cisco...

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