Sunday, February 19, 2006

Townsville complete and 6 days remaining till RadTrip '06

Yes, it's only 6 days until RadTrip '06 begins. I really can't wait to take the week off and simply forget absolutely everything about work and just sit back and hang with my mates drinking and eating. I've given the BBQ its yearly going over, resetting the plates by scrubbing off the old oil and preping with good quality olive oil at 200°C.

I'm going to keep the big beer fridge for the week, but afterwards I'll be swapping over for a smaller bar fridge and building a shelf with a sink as a new prep area for the BBQ.

The installation at the Cluden Park Motor Inn went smoothly and without issue. The phone guys where there a fair bit longer than I had anticipated but the cat5 cable runs too longer due to the weird layout of the building. I have to get them back out there again to run more cables to two more computers again this week.

Because there wasn't any in-room installations to be done I had the configuration of the core equipment knocked over in short time and all the tests done by lunch on the 2nd day. So I went and did a few site inspections with the sales guys Thursday arvo just to clarify a few things.

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