Monday, October 03, 2005

Janice of Wyoming

Had to go down to South Port and conduct a site inspection at a 87 appartment building (Ocean Sands). Thought I'd take advantage of one of the views and got this pic of the $25m yacht 'Janice of Wyoming':

It's the one just to the left of center, with the huge mast behind some trees. Gives you a good idea on just how big that 130m long lump of aluminium is. More information can be found in this Sea-Spray article (PDF).


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, do you know anything about the owner of Janice of Wyoming? We are admiring your site!

Ben said...

I'm afraid not.

We did however deal with crew members when establishing a wireless internet connection with the yacht via our Marinanet service at the South Port Yacht Club.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the owner drinking coffee on the foredeck on 19th of July morning, in South beach harbor, San Francsco, I could not recognize him.

Anonymous said...

Saw the 'Janice of Wyoming' at the Valencia Port, America's Cup race day 5, on 29 June 2007. Docked near the port entry, those on board were seated and dining; not able to recognise those on board. I was too amazed and most delighted to see a huge flag sporting a familiar Wyoming Cowboy!