Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First week at the 'zoo

It's been very intense. Point-of-sales terminal upgrade across the board, working alone on Saturday and planning and configuring various highly technical functions in a extremely short period of time. That's just a few of the many tasks I faced during the first week on the job.

There is much that needs to be done however the time frames for doing so is worrying. For example setting up dual DSL connections for load-balancing with VPNs between Mooloolaba and the 'zoo in a matter of hours isn't something I would like to do often. Other future plans are to upgrade the PBX system incorporating VoIP, site wide Wireless coverage and E-mail services upgrades.

There is also a LOT of tidying up to do of existing services. I will be working on various scenarios on how to address the zoo's requirements while also trying to reduce vulnerabilities, effort and cost.

Another note - I need to brush up on my 'controlling client expectations' exercises.
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