Monday, July 26, 2010

One Of The Situations I Find Myself In

The other day at work reception called and said that they had an Ian from Summerville High School on the phone wanting to know about what kind of software packages were in use by the Zoo. Straight away I had my doubts because we receive many calls from sales people wanting to get a foot in the door which is made easier by developing an understanding of our IT environment. Since it was still a doubt I decided to take the call.

Speaking to Ian on the phone he said that he would like to know more about the database systems in use by the Zoo. He said that he would be bringing in about 16 girls from Summerville High in Brisbane and part of their current education is about databases. It was strange because I would consider the zoo to be the last place to go on an excursion to learn about databases. Unless he had the foresight of knowing that we use databases to track our animals?

I compromised - I told him that he could call me and I would go out and talk about how the zoo uses various software packages with a database back-end.

The day came and I didn't receive a call at 9am when he said he would. I put it down to a failed sales guy and went on with my usual tasks. However at about midday I receive a call from him and it turned out that he was there but with only six girls. So I had to give an impromptu talk about database systems in the Zoo environment to six high school girls. It's not something I had expected to do while working as a IT guy in a zoo.

I think I taught them something. I haven't given a talk to a group about IT topics for sometime so I forgot to do things like gauge their existing knowledge or try to obtain more feedback from them in the form of questions and revisions. It did remind me how much I liked talking about the subject to others and I miss the training side of what I do.

It was but a small break from the mundane.