Sunday, January 13, 2008

Home wireless

Today I finally set up my little public access wireless network at home. I've had a Mikrotik RB133 with RB52 and Senao radios laying around in an outdoor box for sometime now. Today I fixed up the roof cable run and installed it on my existing mast with Cisco 21dBi solid dish.

I used a homebrew 8dBi collinear omni-directional antenna for the public side (Senao 200mW/23dBm) radio - that puts output at around 30dBi in a 360°H/25°V area. I've set up a rudimentary hotspot service on the interface - I will set it up with PayPal etc shortly so the neighbors can gain ad-hoc internet access and not feel guilty for it. Not everyone wants to pay for a permanent connection unbelievable huh.

I attached the dish to the RB52 radio which is adjustable - so I'll set that down to give no more than the regulated 36dBi. I'm hoping to establish a Point-to-Point link to a friend in Buderim. Failing that maybe a repeater link via Kiel Mountain which sits in between. Mainly to share links and to muck around with routing etc.

I'll go for a cruise around the local area and see how much coverage my little 8dBi is providing - might even be able to pick it up at Kiel Mt with the laptop radio...
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