Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's been more than a month

So I guess I should post an update.

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
I've updated the laptop from Fesity Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon the other day. Apart from fiddling with the sound card settings and installing the XGL version of XServer with the ATi RADEON restricted drivers it all went okay... Do you still want to use Linux? But really, I'm actually noticing a improvement in performance from Feisty - hard to put a finger on it but it just seems more "responsive". Maybe all that talk about improving the Linux kernel for the desktop has paid off and they've included various tweaks to better handle the scheduling?

The 3D desktop is nicely done - just a good sprinkling of bling to improve the overall functionality of the interface, not just a bunch of unstable power sapping eye candy like what Beryl throws up. Also it seems to be more friendly with this ATi Mobility X600 as beryl used to crash, although that could be all sorts of UE causing that - re-enforces the case that its better if such things are included in the distro.

So you can say that I'm happy with the direction of Ubuntu and if you're going to use it, upgrade to Gutsy.

Telstra Next IP WAN
All the ground work has been done and apparently this is the week for the physical rollout of the new service. Given all the problems I have been having with the wireless link into the Zoo it will be a breath of fresh air to have a decent high capacity link to use. I still have some reservations about it being presented as a "BDSL" (Business Digital Subscriber Line, Telstra's term) service though - it will be using a dedicated copper service from the exchange (not a RIM) and I think it might also be using two pairs - sounds very much like a G.SHDSL service which isn't bad at all.

I think they will be using Cisco 18xx series routers. Meaning that all these 857 and 877 routers will soon become redundant. I would like to use them elsewhere but much of the other locations the Zoo is concerned with are too remote for a DSL service. Maybe I can give them to staff who require a reliable VPN back into the Zoo WAN.

So I guess I should be devising a service change-over plan. Such things used to be second nature to me when working for AccessPlus but I have to think about it since my mind isn't buried in networks 90% of the time. I'm sort of split between networks, web servery things and desktop. I'll make an effort to get something together shortly, I guess I am still waiting on IP information from Telstra anyway.

Also once the WAN is in place I will re-establish my trusty webserver.

Novell Work Group Suite - Small Business Edition
I'm pretty keen on seeding Novell in this environment. It's just crying out for some decent administration and services.

The Small Business Workgroup suite is basically Novell OES2 with Groupwise. E-mail is a great introduction for a 'green fields' environment so I'm hoping management are impressed by it and won't be afraid to continue our foray into Novell. I'm hoping the new OES2 and Groupwise lives up to the hype, at least the cost is reasonable.

Even though I have a blog I caved in and created a facebook account. I can see why it's addictive to many people - it's pretty bloody easy to find others on it and all of those widgets that seem to spread throughout profiles like some kind of nasty virus.

I predict two things to happen - someone will be assaulted/murdered as a direct result of having all their information in one easy to reach location and/or some kind of worm weaves its way through it, data-mining all the way and people start finding credit accounts opening up in their name. Call me a pessimist.

Federal elections are fun aren't they, seeing what policies will be bandied about and then abolished as soon as they are elected. At least we get to see the pollies get their arse kicked on more than one occasion. As far as my political persuasion goes; I'm center-left which puts me on top of the Democrats, somewhat close to the Greens with Labor as the primary. That as close to a preference you'll get from me.

Here's a few blogs and things that I use to follow the election:

I'll try and keep this updated more often.