Monday, January 14, 2008

Asus Eee PC 4G (701)

Today I purchased a Asus Eee PC 4G from the local Myers department store (Sunshine Plaza).

The only colours they had were black and white. I didn't want to be mistaken for jumping on the iWagon so I got the black one. It happens to look identical to my work laptop, a black LG LS70 Express, so I have a matching pair of portables :/

So far I've played around with the default OS - Xandros with the K Desktop Environment installed along with a custom Asus application launcher. I have also installed a live version of eeexubuntu onto a USB stick (Myers threw in a 2GB Toshiba USB stick for nothing, valued at $28AUD) and it ran fine in its 'live' mode. I will get a 2/4GB Secure Digital card to install xubuntu onto and then set up a dual boot with Xandros. That way I can use Xubuntu for my work and Xandros to demo it to the uninitiated.

I'm not going to go into details about its performance etc - plenty of reviewers out there already demonstrating that and I agree with their findings. I can confirm that the build quality is good and that it will probably handle rough treatment a lot better than other notebooks - or most 'non-ruggidised' portable electronic device for that matter.

I'm looking forward to setting this up as a my ultra-portable network tool. Testing wireless will be made a lot easier, also cheaper than those dedicated PDA based wifi test units. I can also do my usual router configuration using a USB serial adapter and its 10/100 network adapter.

I will consider the purchase of a long life battery when they become available - they apparently add a lot of extra bulk to the package but it would be worth it for extended trips or major network problems.

A Wikipedia article describes the various details of the Eee PC range can be found here.

Asus Eee PC size compared with Sony Ericsson P1i


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, I just purchased an Asus Eee PC 4G and was wondering if I need to do anything to get the wifi internet connection working? And how would I get a connection working to the internet if I was in a hotel room?

Thanks HM

Krusher said...

Hey anon, you should be able to do a scan of the local wireless networks and connect up to whichever ones are unencrypted (normally either a: wireless hotspots or b: some poor sod's unencrypted wireless modem-router)

If you're in a hotel room (providing your hotel has in room internet) you should be able to plug to an in-room connection, or look for a wireless network as listed above. The network configuration utility on the eeepc's makes it relatively easy to connect via either.

Laura-Ann Q said...

how did it go putting a second operating system on a stick and dual boot.. i would love to know how you did it.

i need ssl juniper connectivity and juniper doesn't support xandros (tun issues)

is it something a no brainer like me can do.???

laura ann