Thursday, November 29, 2007

Changed Service Providers once again

Changed from Internode to Comcen - mainly so I can access the Australian PIPE peering network unmetered again. There's simply too much useful content to be had. I'm on the Comcen 10+10GB 8000/386kbit/sec plan now.

Also because I was using Internode's NodePhone service I changed VoIP providers too. So I went with MyNetFone. No problems thus far - quality is fine and the price is good.

The transition from Internode to the latter services took no more than two days. I cancelled the accounts on Monday noon and was changed over and functioning by Thursday noon.


Krusher said...

Hehe, I scored an AAPT unlimited connection as we dropped a couple of low performing hotels.

Still using node for my international connectivity thou.

As usual all well and busy up to chrissy.

W(⊙o⊙)DSTOCK said...
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W(⊙o⊙)DSTOCK said...

Hi, I changed my ISP from internode to Comcen too. SO FAR SO GOOD. But on the Comcen website,they seems not have any lists of unmetred sites? HOW we know the sites we browse every day are "Australian PIPE peering network"?

Unknown said...

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