Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Routine update

A few things happening.

The bathroom renovations have been completed. The results are good and we're happy with it. Pictures following...

I'm back to pumping out code for my hotspot stuff. Essentially working on the next incremental version - adding things like "per location" support among basic items like "Forgot Password" procedures. I expect this to take about a month depending on how much feature creep occurs.

I'm hoping to achieve some sales to some local caravan parks on my own - just to prove that I can do sales work when I want to (not that I really want to, it sucks imo). I believe I can add something to the process since I'm the one who develop and install the bloody system.

I am currently researching two technologies - IP Surveillance and Ethernet over Power for larger buildings. Looking at Mobotix IP Cameras and the Motorola EoP products in particular.

I'm going to take a week off soon. Not sure exactly when but it will have to be soon.

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