Monday, October 16, 2006

Data cabled the house

All those years ago I bought a rack - there it sat with a couple of cable runs to the two bedrooms that were merely long patch leads stuck through a hole in the floor.

This week the bathroom renovations began. These modifications also include the addition of a new bedroom - so I had the opportunity to run a bunch of cables via the stripped bathroom walls and to the newly installed bedroom wall. So I decided to bite the bullet and do it all.

So now the house has 6 double gang RJ45 jacks - one per bedroom, two in the lounge room and one in the kitchen.

I used Clipsal 'Titanium' cat5e jacks with standard wall plates/surrounds and plasterboard hangers ($20.60 per set). Used Krone cat5e cable ($0.38/m) consolidating upon a cheap Accton cat5e 24 port patch panel (Free). Used 6m of box ducting ($65 for 2 4m lengths :( ) and many nailin double cable clips ($10 for a box of 100) to tidy up the runs downstairs.

I ripped out all the old phone wiring since that was shithouse and installed by some idiot. I bought a central splitter from DSE ($26) that took either hardwired or plugin type connections. I hardwired the line in to it, and then punched its phone and adsl lines to the patch panel. DSL connection and phone are now much better - no static and a lot more SNR. This particular central splitter has surge/overload protection too so it offers somewhat more protection to the connected devices at the cost of 0.5dB insertion loss.

A bonus is that I connected the rear speakers of the surround sound setup to the network via some patch leads I made up and it works. cat5e is said to be quite good for speaker cables and if you plat enough pairs together you can get some studio quality performance from them. Depends a lot on how much power you want to shove through them - rear speakers generally don't require much.

Some pictures:

Rack with patch panel, cable guides, central splitter and DSL router

Photo detailing the vertical ducting

One of the bedroom points

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