Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My very own PFY

We had a new recruit join us today. He is going to be my shadow for a while until he gets into the swing of things. He's fresh from school and is looking at doing full time work with us while he does a part time University degree through the local uni.

He seems like a nice kid, a bit eager to please and to prove himself but I guess I was like that at that age. Shit, I'm talking like I'm 40 odd...

So we went and did a bunch of room installs - of course the subbie didn't bring the right phone connectors, so I have to make up a million phone patch leads and install them at some point next week. The same week I'm due to go up to Bundaberg and install another two buildings up there...

I installed a Scythe Ninja heatsink into my trusty Opteron 144 @ 2.07GHz PC yesterday. Its quite a nice piece and works great, even without a fan.

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