Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bringing in the New Year

The new year has been fairly ordinary to date. My fish have died, I think the fruit of the Date Palm hanging over it got in and started fermenting in the water - the excess nutrience caused an outbreak of algae growth and the subsequent morning sun caused it to die and pollute the water. So three 9mth old fish gone, and my giant snail has done a runner. I cleaned out the pond, trimmed out the plants and revamped the fountain. Now I need to devise a method of stopping shit from getting into it and think about what fish I'm going to use to restock it.

The trip back down the coast wasn't too good. Something I ate in Townsville the day before decided to rear its ugly head just when I was departing Townsville - I have to thank the Hungry Jacks at Anandale for use of their Toilet facilities, the same appreciation can be shared with the Toilet facilities at the Shell Giru, Shell Malborough, St Lawence and Shell Rockhampton...

Its great to be back on the coast, sitting here typing up this entry in a nice 20°C with a cool breeze blowing the moist air from outside where there's a slight drizzle. Up north it was generally somewhere between 35 and 45°C and the humidity ruined any chance of your body cooling itself with any efficiency. Not even Mackay offered its generally milder weather as it was just as hot as everywhere else.

Today I finished typing up the reports for the inspections I did at Airlie Beach on the way back down the coast from Townsville. I also went through all the e-mails that collated during my apparent holiday and removed the irrelevant ones and responded to the urgent ones. Quite a few urgent issues to address tomorrow, I'm getting rather tired of a few dodgy parts of the network that go up and down like a yoyo given a stiff breeze and a bit of rain. I also need to write up a shitload of policy and procedure documents.

Currently my spare time is consumed by thinking about painting my bedroom and playing Silkroad Online.

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