Thursday, January 12, 2006

Back to work

Getting back into work after holidays is always one of the hardest things to do. Like after working for ages, work doesn't really seem that bad - but after sampling how good life is without the constant contact with randoms, it shows how bad work really is.

For the past three days I have been cracking down on the lack of organisation in the work place. Like we roll out in-room broadband systems to hotel/motels around the country - we don't actually have any documented system of doing so in place. So far all the installations have been done from the hip, and it causes me no end of stress and anxiety. So I got a project management tool from the web and started nutting out a project template for a typical install. From this templated project I will start to write procedures and processes for forefilling each task. Then I will start doing time and resource estimates and then start working on a master project and start filing in all the sub-projects under it. Once that is all in place I'll work out the best method of change control for these projects to lessen the impact we have on our clients - introducing a new product to someone's range can be quite a big deal to their staff without us knowing about it.

So far I've completed the first step, now I'm typing like mad to get the procedures out the door and into production...

I'm going to book more holidays between the 27th of February and the 6th of March for radtrip'06. A weeks worth of bbq and drinking with mates from Townsville. '05 was leet, hopefully '06 will be just as good if not better.

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