Sunday, December 25, 2005


Yet another Christmas, when consumer spending is in the spotlight of our economy and the analysis make their judgments about how we'll survive next year on how much useless shit people buy for each other to make themselves feel better - I'm sure that the positive feeling is merely a tool marketers use. Honestly I like the public holiday and the guaranteed time spent with family - something I didn't get to enjoy very much this year...

Yes, this Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day I am on call to do support for work. Also, it would appear that I will be doing support on new years day as well. Mind you that no one formally asked me if I wanted to do it, nor has anyone offered to compensate me for it. It was just expected that I would pick it up and do it out of sheer generosity. I think I'm one of the first victims of Australia's new Industrial Relations reforms - even tho they haven't even come into fruition yet.

All this after having to spend a lot of time away from home grinding hard in hotel basements. It didn't leave me any time to do any Christmas shopping, so the marketers will be disappointed with me and maybe the family too. To summarise - to work long hours, being away from home and working public holidays for next to nothing is apparently 'normal' these days. There was a time when I was sure I wouldn't let myself get into such a position.

The trip to Canberra, our beloved nations capital, was interesting. Apart from all the issues caused by lack of organisation by others, it came to together in the end. The city is quite pleasant; I could spend quite some time there just looking around at the attractions and maybe even live and work there for a while. The people are fairly nice, well the ones I met anyway, and the place is tidy. I had 45 minutes before the flight out to check out the war memorial - upon a quick tour I worked out that it would take me 3 days to fully appreciate what it had to offer. My mate Andy who lives down there was good to me and took me for a quick whirlwind tour of the city and the Telstra Tower on Tuesday night - he bought me dinner too!!

The hand break on my car has decided to play silly buggers and not disengage properly. Quite annoying since I wanted to leave for Townsville early Wednesday morning. Now I'll have to try and get it into the mechanics first thing and leave afterwards.

It has been a pretty crap month.

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