Friday, November 25, 2005


Woke up to the sound of SMSs hitting my phone at an alarming rate - something was dying back at the office and the Network Management Station (NMS) is making sure that I feel guilty about it. After quickly showering my beautiful body, drinking breakfast and feeding the fish (the little bastards just float around on their arses all day pecking at the occasional bug) I rush to the office to find Don fiddling about in the machine room unplugging suspect networks from the main links. First signs of a virus infection.

Turns out that one of our co-lo subnets was pumping out shit faster than I can scoff down pints on a Friday arve (/me takes swig of a Speights Gold Medal Ale). So after disconnecting that we trace through the logs, find the server in question and notify the client. Then we h4x0r the box and run a bunch of antivirus removal tools and whatever else that takes our fancy. Eventually we cured what ales it (/me drinks more ale).

While all this was happening, Dave and I were doing tag team battle with a mail virus that presents itself as a zip attachment. We netted so many that we had to manually purge the filth from our mail filters file system. At its peak we had 3500 emails in the queue totaling 350Mb, it took 3hrs to clear it all out after we fixed everything up.

Once I had all this done I ate me bacon/chicken/avo filo for lunch and then began the normal day at 1pm, catching up on the usual reading of slashdot and giving shit to my mates on irc. But really, it was working *wink*

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