Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Still kicking

After a relatively smooth relocation of servers and reconfiguratoin of the 56million gateways spotted all over the east coast I had breakfast and then went and did 16 more room installations at the Peninsular resort. Only one room had a problem, no dialtone what so ever - so I guess I need to have that looked at. Got back into the office at around 5:30pm only to be met with a dead site that's in the Gold Coast, looks like I'm going for a road trip tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we're having a seminar where all the Maroochydore/Mooloolaba accomodation managers are invited to attend - same as the one we had a while ago in Noosa and just recently in Cairns. That starts at 4pm, so I have to fit four hours on the road with repairs and a stop over in Brisbane between 8am and 3:30pm.

I've already booked my Friday morning. I have to talk someone through the process of ripping out their network and redoing everything in the inclusion of a firewall. Mind you that this person is in Yeppoon and if it all turns to shit, I'm up for a 8hr drive up on the weekend.

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