Monday, October 17, 2005


On the weekend my webserver got haxored by some scriptkiddie. Made the link it was on a bit saturated, too many connections. Now I have to recover a server, pain in the arse. Doesn't appear that any data was compromised, looks like some IRC bot was installed and was used to relay files or something. Typical.

BF2 Comp
We got slaughtered by 6Pack on the next level of the Battlefield 2 comp. They pwned us in 10min...

Mothers Birthday
Was the mothers birthday yesterday. Mick and I gave her a watch, she has 10 and they're all broken. So hopefully this decent one will last.

Timber Screens
Finished the screens, look fantastic. My next project will be to get a screen door for the front enterance. I like having it open but I don't like all the bugs getting in. Stupid fish aren't eating them :\ After that it'll be some sails for covering the cars and finishing up the exterior repairs and painting.

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