Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another day

Nothing special about today. Willow was back with us again for the Peninsular installation, basically sticking the VDSL switches into the cabinet and then making sure it all hooked up okay and the internet was working. Have to wait for phone guys to finish connecting it all to the phone system, which will be late this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

In this mornings coffee conversation with Willow; she suddenly came out and asked if I had a girlfriend. I know she's has a boyfriend (his name is Ben too, must be some awesome lad) so it sparked my interest as to why she wanted to know. The tone and pace of the question expressed some motive other than small talk, it was a planned question. Maybe she's matchmaking, I wouldn't mind.

Spent the afternoon tidying up and organising site inspections for tomorrow. All ready for the next major rollout. One day I'll have these rollouts for the VDSL equipment down to a fine art so I don't have to make return visits to each site, can only imagine what it would be like doing them all over Australia.

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