Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yet another long drive

With a 3:30am start and almost 900km later I have arrived at my final destination for the day. I successfully replaced the antenna at Keppel Bay Marina and upgraded both Keppel and Mackay. The old antenna at Keppel was a pain to remove, the brackets were rusted so I had to saw them off. Such hard work for someone who's more familiar to the light distributed by a fluro than a large burning orb.

Only one near miss on the highway, some dork panicked when a oncoming truck decided to overtake a caravan in front of him. There was plenty of space to avoid it but he stopped instead, thus creating a nasty obstacle in my path amplified by the fact that I was doing 110kph. Thankfully I tend to leave twice the usual gap and managed to pull up with 2m to spare.

Note to self: The Astra likes to wobble a shitload while under heavy breaking...

Now that I've had a beer, a nice stew for dinner and a few wines I'm going to bed so I can wake up at 5am tomorrow morning and drive the remaining 4hrs to Townsville.

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