Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quick trip up the coast to Noosa

I remember when Noosa was fairly enjoyable and quite a small place to visit. I was 8 years old the last time I enjoyed the place. Now its merely another tourist trap. Can never find a car park in the place.

Went and did a site inspection at Coolum, nice 22 unit job that turned into a 47 unit 3 building deal. Pretty much a case of 'can it be done and how much' which I absolutely love as someone who is almost purely technical when conducting these inspections. I don't like to get involved in the sales/marketing tripe, I only get involved when what's being said or written is absolute garbage.

After that we had a look at another building in Noosa and then went into the Noosa Sheriton where we're hosting a seminar tomorrow at around 4pm. Neil and Kris will be doing a presentation about the whole in-room broadband thing and I'll be there to answer any technical questions people may have (there's always one genius in the crowd).

Spent the afternoon screwing around with the SMC VDSL switches that will be going into the Peninsular building. Hopefully Willow will be able to assist in that install too.

In the evening dad and I went and had a look at a '97 Mazda 626 Eclipse. Had 123,000k on it and it was the 2ltr hatch. I wasn't too impressed with it and the realestate agent owner who looked like he had money to burn wouldn't budge from $9k, I offered $8k. No use dealing with someone who thinks $9k is spare change and is wondering why your wasting time trying to save $1k.

The bank will only lend me $8k, not such a big deal as work will toss in the extra 3/4k if need be. That and I have a fair bit saved up.

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