Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Paper Work

I think I have avoided using any sort of structured documentation for long enough. While it has been handy to not have to sit down for hours on end typing up monotonous reports, I can't ignore the need for it when faced with the masses of information coming in my direction. So here I am at almost 9pm typing up reports of the 5 site inspections I conducted. Mind you that this is off my own bat and I'm probably the only person who firmly believes in paper work and record keeping, must be my public service experience kicking in.

I was tempted to purchase a 2nd hand bike today, not the motored kind. It was an Avanti Vivacé Pro Road. It was chained loosely to a fence, I'm sure I could have simply slipped off its quick release seat and stolen it. There was a 'For Sale' sign with a mobile number and $850.00 on it. I was tempted to call him and offer $650 since I found out it was worth $1300 off the shop floor -- after calling mick and asked him to search the web for pricing.

I love climate control.


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online bookshop said...

I too beleive in the virtue of good book keeping. You just never know when it is going to save your bacon!