Sunday, September 11, 2005

Does the work ever stop?

After such a hectic week up north on a supposed holiday (basically working for most of it), I thought I might take today off at least. Too much to ask obviously. Some disrespectful person on one of our networks got fested by some virus that spews out lots of small packets. Such traffic causes wireless networks to fail. This particular wireless network feeds a number of sites that operate 24/7. So we all had to deal with that one. I think I'll forcibly install packet shapers on all wireless links shortly.

Now to top it off there's a electrical storm over us at the moment that will probably cause at least a few clients trouble tonight. They'll respond by calling us tomorrow. *sigh*

I doubt I'll get many personal projects done in the next six months as the work just seems to keep building up.

On a lighter note I just finished watching that 'Hostage' movie with Bruce Willis. It was quite good, different enough to keep my interest and I have a soft spot for Bruce Willis movies in general.

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