Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another drive to Brisbane

It's a simple ask. I have requested from Billion a means of allowing permanent remote admin of their routers to be a 'tweakable' feature. But of course it could mean some noob out there might allow his router to become open and exploitable. The lack of this one particular feature caused me to drive down to Brisbane just to update the firmware of such a router so its VPN functionality would be restored. The traffic was pathetic - grand final game on in the suburb that I need to go to (Milton) and being Friday everyone was escaping the big smoke for the clean beaches of the Sunshine coast, so the traffic was crap both ways.

The folks are about to sign a contract on another house which is just around the corner from me. Sounds nice, might check it out tomorrow if they let us. Living near ones parents couldn't be all that bad, its not like under the same roof let alone within view. It'll give me an excuse to go for a walk anyway.

It looks like its going to be a fairly intensive weekend. Carting gravel down the backyard to fill the grey water pit we dug out last weekend. I'll be planting some palms down there too, hopefully they'll enjoy the excess water. Got some lawn fertiliser for the tiny strip of new grass along out footpath; I'm hoping that if I keep it nice and green, the council will overlook the fact that I've stolen half of their footpath...

Saturday morning (this morning for that matter) will be spent car shopping. I'm really hoping to get a Land Rover Discovery TDi. It'll be awesome to be able to just go camping whenever and wherever.

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