Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another day in Townsville

This morning I started my day with a suspect Macca's coffee -- they asked me if it tasted 'burnt' as they had to repair the machine earlier on. This didn't fill me full of confidence that today would be as good as I had hoped. From there I had a meeting with the Breakwater marina management about Marinanet which went quite well. Probably be doing the installation there in a month or two.

I was meant to meet with the Mariners North resort at 1pm, however upon arrival I discovered that the person I was meeting was sick. Now I have to resquedule my day tomorrow and try and fit it in for the afternoon when I get back from Cardwell. So I went back to playing BF2 with Tim for the rest of the day, and making appointments for tomorrow of course.

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Silvalis said...

You'd reckon they could have told you that your meeting was cancelled in advance...